Sports Day 2016 Prize Winners Announced

Yesterday the PE Department held their annual prize giving and sports day awards ceremony. As well as pupils receiving winners medals for the various sports on offer during the sports days the department staff also recognised pupils who demonstrated outstanding achievement and application in the subject.

Below you will find a full list of winners as well as photos of the prizewinners on what was a beautiful sunny day in Wick.

Sports Day 2016 Prize Winners
Basketball Boys 2F Basketball Girls 2S
Sam Barclay Farah Mackay
Liam Mackillop Kirsty Robertson
Jamie Kelly Erin Burnett
Harry Bartlett Abby Munro
Kevin Banks
Football 2N Netball 2N
Michael Steven Leanne Steven
Scott McDonald Emma Fishenden
Andrew Sutherland Ellie Thain
Michael Sutherland Carrie Robertson
Ben Sutherland Kari Durrand
Daniel Stott Iona Fleming
Christopher Window Kirsten Gunn
Cameron Cormack Kara Cormack
Basketball Boys 3M Basketball Girls 3N
Archie Budge Sarah Mailik
Robbie Gunn Leigh Bain
Cameron Carter Cara Mackenzie
Caileen Fraser Toyah Slater
Michael Mackay
Football 3M Netball 3S
Archie Budge Paige Rosie
Robbie Gunn Jade Kirk
Cameron Carter Courtney John
Caileen Fraser Shaelin Warnock
Michael Mackay Beth Dunnett
Mackenzie Barton-Ogg Chloe O’Neill
Shannon Campbell Erin Miller
Hayley Hourston
Basketball Boys 4S Basketball Girls 4N
Kyle Sutherland Kelsi Simpson
Greg Mackay Rebecca MacDougall
Robbie McIvor Mickella Gray
Robbie Shephard Rhea Sinclair
Kieran Davies
Football 4S Netball 4S
Kyle Sutherland Carly Sinclair
Greg Mackay Vicki Dunnet
Robbie McIvor Abby Cook
Robbie Shephard Alannah Hay
Kieran Davies Mollie-Jo Milner
Bruce Taylor Chloe Dunnett
Alister Green Megan Mackay
Marc Gunn Abbie Thomson
Morven Coghill
Erin Mackenzie
Basketball Boys Basketball Girls
Connor Dunnet Katherine Maclean
Joshua Sutherland Stephanie Leith
Liam Dunnett Beth Harper
Graeme Sutherland Shona Tait
Jack Gow Caitlin Taylor
Greg Morgan Danielle Cabreli
Scott Sutherland
Football Netball
Billy Miller Shaun Mcleod
Ben Barcley Joshua Sutherland
Steven Budge Lee Manson
Cameron Mackenzie Graeme Sutherland
Colin Henstridge Jack Gow
Callum Gow Greg Morgan
Jack Duncan John Sutherland
Jamie Mowat
Best Pupils
Mark McAdie 2F Abby Munro 2S
Michael Steven 2N Kirsten Gunn 2N
Robbie Gunn 3M Shannon Campbell 3M
Archie Budge 3M Paige Rosie 3S
Ross Gunn 4M Holly Cormack 4M
Brandon Sinclair 5R Katherine Maclean 6M
Colin Henstrighe 5R
Beep test (scores follow)
Michael Steven 2N             77 Farrah Mackay  2S        66
Brian Irvine        2S             77 Kirsty Robertson  2S     66
Angus Henry 3S          100 Kevegh Bremner 3R    71
Toyah Slater 3N    64
Paige Rosie  3S      64
Ross Gunn 4M     116 Hollie Cormack 4M    66
Kaitlin Gunn   4R         66