S6 Charities Week 2015

In the last week before the Christmas holiday our S6 pupils got together to organise a series of events to raise money for local charities. One of them, Kirstin Tait, took the time to tell us more:

“The S6 charity committee put together a very successful charity week, which began on the last full week of term before the Christmas holiday. The committee organised for the entire school to wear non-uniform with a Christmas theme in which pupils paid 50p per day to wear their festive clothing, and all pupils participated with style.

The events started on Wednesday. First up was the ‘Gunk Dunk’. During the first two days of the week pupils paid to vote for three teachers to get gunked in front of the entire school. Mrs Clasper, Mr Grant and Mr Glen all took there gunking in great spirit for the charity week.

Other events held included a food eating contest on Thursday and a slave auction on Friday, where pupils and teachers helped the S6 charity committee raise the huge total of £1,306 to be split between two Caithness charities – The Seaview Dementia Unit and Pebbles.

The charity committee would like to thank every member of S6 who helped raise such an impressive amount of money and the teachers and pupils who donated.”

Well done all; a great week and money raised for two very deserving charities.