Lego League Trash Trek Challenge


The boys in action at the recent Lego Competition

On Saturday, a group of 10 Wick High S1-3 pupils, namely Corin Murphy, Kaiyn Robinson, Coinneach Pellow, Craig Sinclair, Aidan Sutherland, Peter Burr, Jack Robertson, Jordan Kennedy, and David Teixeira attended the Aberdeen regional round of the first Lego League Trash Trek Challenge. Teams from all across the region competed in the robot games to design, build and program a robot to complete a series of challenges around the theme of recycling and trash.

Our intrepid group of engineers spent the last few months in preparation for the tournament and designed a technically complex robot that could demolish a building, collect the bricks and deposit them in a Lego brick sorter in order for them to be recycled.

The standard of all the robots at the tournament was very high and everyone put in an amazing amount of effort. Our Wick team all spoke very well and were very confident in both the robot games and their technical presentations. The boys came 6th in the final line up.

Corin, one of the lead designers in the Wick High team said: “We’ve learned a lot coming to the tournament today. We will take what we’ve learned and use it to improve our project for next year’s entry”.