WHS Pupil Wins Sailing Award

We are very proud of our S1 pupil, Harry Bartlett, who recently won the Royal Findhorn Yacht Club’s Helm Of The Year trophy. Harry was awarded this honour for sailing in his own boat (named Topper) and winning a number of races at the Findhorn club.

Harry was awarded the trophy at Findhorn’s summer season prize-giving on the 1st November. Unfortunately, he was not able to attend the prize-giving himself, but the trophy was collected by his Mum and duly passed on to Harry, who was very pleased with it.

Harry with the Helm Of The Year Trophy

Harry with the Helm Of The Year trophy


Harry has been sailing all his life. ‘I first went on a boat when I was two months old!’ he says. ‘There is a picture of my Mum holding me on my Grandad’s yacht when I was tiny. Obviously I wasn’t the one sailing it then, though.’ One of the reasons Harry won the Findhorn trophy was because he recently attended an event in Nairn, where he took part in some high wind races.

‘We went down to Nairn, and it was really sunny on the Friday – the day before the races started – and then on the Saturday there were thirty mile-an-hour winds! We only did two races that day – the third one had to be cancelled because the wind was too strong. Thankfully, it had settled a little bit on the Sunday. I’ve had a lot of practise at sailing in different conditions, so that’s why I was able to complete the races. I’ve had my boat, Topper, for two years this Christmas and luckily it is built for stronger winds.’

The hard work and dedication Harry has put into his hobby has evidently paid off, and we are sure this is only the beginning of his success with sailing. Well done Harry!