Staff & students get ready for Spain 2015

Cabo de Gata Park, Almeria, Spain where our students are soon to be working.

Cabo de Gata Park, Almeria, Spain where our students are soon to be working.

A group of senior students will soon be journeying to Spain to take part in a three week expedition. Mr Chris Aitken is accompanying the students on the trip and tells us a little about what’s planned as well as great ways to stay in touch with the trip’s progress:

“The time has finally come for us to head off to the Cabo de Gata Nature Reserve in Spain!

Over the next three weeks, nine students will be completing three phases in their trip:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Gold expedition
  • Conservation phase within Cabo de Gata, and
  • Volunteering within the region

For their expedition the students will be hiking for three days within the nature reserve. Given how well received our live GPS tracking was in Belize we’re using the service again so that you can watch us complete our expedition (nearly) live. Click on

The Wick High Facebook and Twitter feeds will also automatically share when we’ve turned on the tracker. We will also be updating our blog throughout our trip. The website address is:

During our conservation phase, the students will be working with David Monge, a geologist from the area.  Throughout the week we will partner up with him and the University of Almeria in their studies of the local flora and fauna.

During the volunteering phase, the students will be working in small groups on various projects, including a local pet rescue centre and school.

Finally, I’d like to thank every single person and company that so generously donated towards this trip. Without your support, experiences like these would not be available for our students. As was shown by the Belize trip, they can have profound and lasting effects on the pupils involved.

It is my hope that the Spain and Belize trips help create a legacy in which every pupil of Wick High is given the opportunity to take part.”