New S1 students get their first taste of Wick High School

We were delighted to welcome our new S1 pupils for their induction days on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Mrs Darmady, one of our Modern Languages teachers, tells us a  little bit about a lesson she taught in Personal Support:

“We did a get to know you activity using string. Once a person answered a question, they would throw the string to another and keep hold of the thread. At the end, we had a web, reminding us that we all are valued in the group, all have something to contribute, even if it is a  different opinion and that it is important to respect this and listen to each other and give everyone a chance to participate. 

In my French class we had great fun discussing all the French things we knew about before making a poster displaying them to the rest of the class. When we finish these in August look out for them here on the school website!”

There were many fun activities happening across other classes over the two days; photos of some of these are shown in the gallery below.

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